Thursday, August 30, 2012

Learnist Launches iPad and iPhone Apps

This service is no longer available.

Back in May I wrote about Learnist being "Pinterest for Learning." I still think that's a fair assessment of what Learnist offers to educators. It's a way to visually bookmark and share lesson plans and other educational resources. Today, Learnist released an iPad app and an iPhone app.
The Learnist iPad and iPhone apps allow you to create boards, browse boards, and share your favorite resources.

Watch the short video below to learn more about what Learnist offers.

Infographic - Too Much Sugar Consumption

Sometimes I see something online that instantly makes me think of a particular teacher. This morning I saw Nursing Your Sweet Tooth on Cool Infographics and instantly thought of my friend Jeni Cash who teaches ninth grade health and with whom I shared a classroom for three years.

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth is all about sugar consumption by Americans. The infographic provides some good, basic information about sources of sugar, how much sugar Americans consume, and the potential health risks of consuming too much sugar.

The infographic is embedded in the frame below.

Applications for Education
Nursing Your Sweet Tooth could be a good resource to use in conjunction with Sugar Stacks and Is Sugar Toxic?

Visual Anatomy - An App for Anatomy Students

Visual Anatomy is an iPad app designed to help students learn the names of muscles, bones, organs, and systems in the human body. To use the app students select a system then click on the pinmarks in each image to learn about those parts of the body. The free version of the app has 300 pinmarks in standard resolution. The paid version of the app has 700 pinmarks with high resolution images.

Applications for Education
Visual Anatomy could be a helpful study aid for high school students studying anatomy and physiology. Click here for seven web-based resources for teaching and learning anatomy and physiology.