Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Free Complete Guide to Evernote

Evernote is currently my favorite service for note-taking and bookmarking. I have Evernote installed on my iPad, my Android Tablets, my phone, my computers, and I have the Evernote web clipper installed in all of my browsers. Because of Evernote's versatility I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good note-taking and bookmarking tool. One question that I often hear from first-time Evernote users is, there's so many options, where do I start? Make Use Of has just released a new guide that will answer that question and many more. 

How To Use Evernote, The Missing Manual is a free 34 page guide to using Evernote. The guide will help you use Evernote in your web browser, on your iPad, on your Android tablet, on your phone, and on your desktop. The guide is available to download as a PDF or EPub.

Fetch! Lunch Rush! - An Augmented Reality Math Game

Fetch! Lunch Rush! is a neat use of augmented reality to create a mathematics lesson for young students. The free iPhone app (it also worked on my iPad 2) was developed by PBS Kids. The purpose of the app is to get kids moving about a room in search of numbers that are the correct answer to the questions posed to them on the app. Students read the arithmetic problem on the app then search out the correct answer. When they think they have found the correct answer they scan it with their iPhone or iPad to find out if they are correct or not.

Applications for Education
To have your students play Fetch! Lunch Rush! you do have to download and print some game pieces to distribute about your classroom. After you have done that you're ready to let your students play the game. The app allows up to four players to use the same device.

Two Interactive Historical Thinking Posters

Last year Teaching History released a fantastic interactive poster about the U.S. Civil War. This year they have released two more interactive posters for history students.

Doing History is Like Solving a Mystery is an interactive poster for elementary school students. The poster uses images with notes to guide students through the process of developing good research questions and recording their ideas.

History is an Argument About the Past is an interactive poster for middle school and high school students. The poster walks students through identifying primary and secondary sources of information then using that information to create an argument.

Applications for Education
Both posters could be good references or tutorials for students. My one complaint about them is that I wish they were a little bit bigger. Even when I zoomed-in on them the font was a bit difficult to read (or maybe my eyes are just betraying me). If these posters don't quite fit your needs, you and your students could create similar ones using a tool like Thing Link.

Copyright-free Music Coming to Pixorial Soon

Last month I wrote about a relatively new online video editor called Pixorial. Since then a couple of important things have happened at Pixorial. First, the application form for free "premium" educators accounts is back up. Second, last week Pixorial announced that they will soon be offering copyright-free music to use in the videos that you create. The music will be available soon through a partnership with Rumblefish. Because free and copyright-free are not synonymous terms the Pixorial announcement is a little unclear as to whether or not you'll have to pay for the music. I'm obviously hoping not.

If you're looking for some video project ideas to start your school year, take a look at these five video projects to try with your students.

HipGeo - An App and Site for Sharing Travels

HipGeo is a service that is one part blog and one part photo app. Using HipGeo's Android or iOS apps you can take pictures and instantly post them to your HipGeo account. HipGeo geolocates your images for you. Using HipGeo apps you can bundle your images together to make one geolocated presentation or you can simply display them as single blog entries.

Applications for Education
HipGeo does have a strong social networking component so consider that before introducing it to your high school students (I wouldn't use it with students younger than high school). That said, HipGeo could be nice app for students to use if they travel abroad on a school trip and they want to quickly create shareable records of their trips.