Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Use Maps in Your Infographics

Last month the free infographic creation service introduced the option to include videos in your infographics. Today, I received an email from them announcing a new option for adding maps to your infographics.

To add a map to your infographic just select "map" from the insert menu (on the right side of the editing screen) then double-click on the map to add data to it. When you double-click on the map a spreadsheet will open. In that spreadsheet you can enter country names and data points for those countries. Your map can display data for as many countries as you like.

Applications for Education
With last month's addition of video support and today's addition of map support, is becoming a better and better tool that students can use to create visual displays of data and research that they gather.

Citelighter - Store, Organize, and Share Research

Citelighter is a helpful tool for anyone trying to organize their online and or offline research findings. At its core Citelighter is a browser extension (available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) that enables you to select sections of webpages and save them along with the important information needed to create an APA, MLA, or Chicago style bibliography. If you have pieces of text from books and journals that you want to include in your list of citations, you can add those in Citelighter too.

Citelighter also has a community aspect that allows you to share your citations and search those of others. The citations in the public gallery are called "Knowledge Cards." Knowledge Cards are the pieces of quoted text that others have saved and tagged with a subject area. The Knowledge Cards you find in the public gallery can be added to the project lists in your personal Citelighter account.

Watch the video below to see all of Citelighter's features in action.

Citelighter How It Works from saad alam on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Citelighter could be a fantastic research aid for students. The clipping feature allows students to highlight the key information from a page so that a few days down the road they're not wondering why they bookmarked a webpage. The bibliography tools help students properly format their works cited pages. And searching the Knowledge Cards is like opening to the bibliography of a good book and finding out what the author used in his or her research.

MeeGenius for Google Chrome

MeeGenius is a great website, Android app, and iPad app offering ebooks for kids. MeeGenius allows users to turn narration on and off for each book. When narration is turned on each word in the story is highlighted as it's read.

As mentioned above, MeeGenius is available for Android and iPad. This afternoon I discovered that MeeGenius is also available as a Chrome Web App. The MeeGenius Chrome Web App makes it easy to browse, read, and listen to the MeeGenius books in your browser.

Applications for Education
MeeGenius could be a great website and app for young students to use to experience some nice short stories and practice reading at the same time. MeeGenius is offering a free school and library subscription program but it's not clear how many ebooks are included in that free subscription.

New Features in WeVideo for Google Drive

Over the last year WeVideo has become my go-to online video creation service. In May they added a Google Drive app that makes it easy to sign into WeVideo and save all of your projects in your Google Drive account. This week WeVideo rolled out a couple of nice enhancements to their Google Drive app that you should check out.

The first major enhancement to WeVideo for Google Drive is a new option to record video using your webcam. Your recording is directly imported into your files collection where you can then trim the start and end times and or split your imported recording into multiple segments. Splitting your uploaded webcam recording will allow you to add transitions and images between sections of your webcam recording.

The second enhancement of note made to WeVideo for Google Drive is improved audio control functions. WeVideo for Google Drive now lets you control your audio track's volume with fine controls similar to those found in tools like iMovie. You can fade-in audio, fade-out audio, raise and lower audio volume to be background sound or featured sound at any point in your video.

Applications for Education
WeVideo for Google Drive can be a great online video editing tool for students who use Chromebooks or for any student who doesn't have a video editing program installed on his or her computer. The thing that I like best is that students' files are stored in the cloud so that they can work on their projects from any computer connected to the web.

As Anna Lynn Martino just mentioned on Twitter, WeVideo could be used to create video book trailers. Or read this post for five other video creation projects that you can do with your students this year.

H/T to The Next Web

Create Simple Photo Stories with PicView

PicView is a free iPad app that makes it easy to create simple photo stories. PicView allows you to create an audio recording about a picture. You can add narration to pictures that you take with your iPad or pictures that you already have in your iPad's camera roll. Your images can be enhanced with some simple color filters, border designs, a title, and markers. Your completed PicView story can be shared via email, posted on the PicView site, shared on Facebook, or shared on Twitter.

Applications for Education
PicView could be a great application for students to use to create simple, one image photo stories. You might use PicView to have students talk about images that they take around their homes or towns. You might also use PicView to have all of your students comment on the same image to compare ideas and understanding. For example, I might have all of my students create photo stories about this famous image about Manifest Destiny.