Monday, September 10, 2012

Screen Leap - Share Your Screen With One Click

Last winter I wrote about a free screen sharing service called Screen Leap. Screen Leap allows you to share your screen with anyone without registering or installing any special software.

Today, through Tekzilla I learned that Screen Leap offers a Chrome extension that can make screen sharing even easier. The extension allows you to share your screen from your Gmail account. When you have the extension installed you can share your screen just by clicking "share screen" in the dialogue box that appears in the lower-right corner of your Gmail screen. Check it out in the video below.

Applications for Education
Sometimes it is easier to show someone how to use a program on his or her computer than it is to write directions in an email. If you're the go-to tech help person in your school, Screen Leap could prove to be a handy little tool for you. 

What Happened to Free Technology for Teachers?

This picture has nothing to do with
this post. I just wanted to use it.
If you tried to visit Free Technology for Teachers today and found that it wouldn't load, you were not alone. GoDaddy, the service through which and many of its variant names are registered, had its DNS servers hacked today. What this meant was that any domain hosted and or registered through GoDaddy was inaccessible at times while GoDaddy was trying to fix this major problem. You can read more about this on TechCrunch or your favorite tech industry blog.

The good news is that GoDaddy is now reporting that most sites are back to normal. And if you're reading this, this one is too.

Create & Edit Documents in Google Drive for iPad

It was rumored last week on TechCrunch and today it is confirmed by Google, you can now create and edit Google Documents using the Google Drive app for iPad. Starting today if you update Google Drive on your iPad you will be able to create new documents and edit documents using Google Drive on your iPad or iPhone. File management just got easier to because now you can create folders and move files into folders using Google Drive for iOS. And although you cannot create or edit presentations you can now view Google Presentations through the Google Drive iOS app.

Android users aren't left out the exciting updates today. Now you can add comments and reply to comments on documents within your Google Drive for Android app. And as with the iOS app you can now view presentations in the Google Drive for Android app.

Now You Can Use ClassDojo on Your iPad

If you  signed into your ClassDojo account this morning you may have noticed a new mobile option is now available to you. Today, ClassDojo officially released an iPhone and iPad app. I received the news last week and it was embargoed until today, but I have already had a chance to the try the app.

The ClassDojo iOS app gives you access to all of your class rosters and all of the behavior reporting tools that you would use in the browser-based version of ClassDojo. You can access all of your classes and give out positive and negative marks to students through the app. You can't, however, create new classes through the app.
Red Sox fans, note who was marked down for being unprepared in my demo class. 

Applications for Education
ClassDojo is quickly becoming a very popular tool for keeping records of students' classroom behavior. I had a Twitter conversation with someone last week (I'm sorry I didn't write down who) who was ClassDojo as a way to award points for participation in classroom discussions as the discussion were happening. And if students are logged-in to their accounts they can track their progress too.

Click here for a more thorough break-down of ClassDojo's features.

Disclosure: ClassDojo is running an ad campaign on Free Technology for Teachers. 

Graphic Springs - Create Simple Logos

Graphic Springs is a free tool for creating your own custom logos. I gave it a try and found it was quite simple to use. To create a custom logo just visit Graphic Springs, select an icon, then enter the text that you want to appear with your logo. You can change the size of your logo and font by simply clicking and dragging them to expand or contract. When you're happy with your logo you can download it from Graphic Springs.

One small issue with Graphic Springs is that in order to download you have to Tweet, Like, Digg, or Tumble the site to get the full-size logo image. Otherwise you can grab the smaller version of the logo.

Applications for Education
If you have students creating individual blogs or websites as digital portfolios, let them customize the look of those pages by using Graphic Springs to create a custom logo for it.