Friday, October 5, 2012

Professor Word - Identify SAT & ACT Vocabulary Words on Any Webpage

Professor Word is a promising new service that should help students learn new SAT and ACT vocabulary words. Professor Word operates as a browser bookmarklet in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. When you're reading a webpage click on the Professor Word bookmarklet to quickly identify SAT and ACT vocabulary words on that page. You can also use Professor Word to get definitions for any unfamiliar word on a webpage. To get a definition just highlight the word a small dialogue box containing the definition will appear.

Applications for Education
Professor Word could be a great little tool for students to use to not only read definitions, but to also see SAT and ACT words used in "real world" context.

Big thanks to my friend Mary Beth Hertz for telling me about Professor Word. 

10 Awesome Android Uses

10 Awesome Android Uses is a presentation that I gave last spring at the NCTIES conference (North Carolina readers, I'll be back again in 2013). Back then I posted the slides on my other blog Android 4 Schools. Recently, a reader pointed out to me that the slides I posted had a broken link so I fixed it and also updated the slides a bit. I've included those slides below.

Motion Math - Play With Numbers

Motion Math is a producer of mathematics games that I initially tried out back in June. At that time I was having trouble with some of the games crashing. This morning I tried a couple of the games again and did not have any crashes.

The Motion Math games are available in a freemium model. You can play the beginning levels of the games for free, but you have to pay to play all of the levels. The game that has the most free activities is Hungry Fish.
Applications for Education
Motion Math's Hungry Fish could be a good little game for students to use to practice identifying numbers and practice their basic addition skills.

Backpack TV Adds Video Playlists Matched to Books

Back in May I wrote about a start-up company called Backpack TV. Backpack TV is a video site that is creating libraries of free academic videos arranged according to subject area, topic, and video length. This week they added a bunch of new libraries. Backpack TV now offers videos aligned to commonly used Algebra, Biology, and Calculus textbooks. And according to the email I received from them, there are plans for more topics and textbooks to be added in the future.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some video content to support the textbooks that you have in your mathematics or science department, take a look at Backpack TV.

Street View Comes to Google Maps in Mobile Browsers

Yesterday, Google made Street View imagery viewable in Google Maps on your mobile browser. Now you can experience Street View imagery on your iPad, Android tablet, and mobile phone. To access Street View imagery in your mobile browser zoom-in on a location then click on the "Pegman" at the bottom of your screen.

Applications for Education
Street View in mobile browsers could be useful in 1:1 iPad environments in which students don't have ready access to computers. While Street View isn't a replacement for actually seeing places in person, it is a better way than flipping through static pictures for students see places they're studying in geography classes.