Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Use Hello Sign to Add Your Signature to Google Drive Files

Hello Sign is a free tool for digitally signing documents. I initially reviewed it back in August when I used it to sign documents on my iPad. Today, I learned that Hello Sign can now be used to digitally sign documents that are stored in your Google Drive account. To sign documents in your Google Drive account install the Hello Sign Chrome app then authorize Hello Sign on your Google Drive account. Then when you want to sign a document open Hello Sign and select it from your Google Drive list of documents.

Applications for Education
If you’re tired of printing documents generated during meetings with parents or colleagues just so that you can sign, scan, and resend them give Hello Sign a try.

The American Family Through Time - Interactive Infographic

The American Family Through Time is a neat infographic produced by (not to be confused with The infographic laid out in a board game style. Every set of U.S. census data is available on the board. Click on any of the years to pop-up some highlights from that census. For example, if you click on the year 1900 you will see pie charts of information about occupations, education, and rural v. urban living. Click on the year 1870 and you can find out how many people lived in the typical household. You can click through each year's pop-up display to see the actual census questions for that year. 

Applications for Education 
The American Family Through Time could be of interest to U.S. History teachers who want to pique students' interest in historical demographic research. The American Family Through Time doesn't display the same information for every census year. You could have your students create their own infographics of census data that displays the same information for each year for comparison purposes.

Use Wikibrains as a Story Starter

Wikibrains is a neat website designed to help you brainstorm in a web format. When you brainstorm on Wikibrains you're also performing a basic Internet search at the same time. To create a brainstorm web on Wikibrains start by entering one word or phrase. When you enter a word you will be prompted to add more words by completing the phrase, "Makes me think off..." Each new word or phrase that you enter will be added to your web. As you enter words on the right side of the screen you will see links to search results about each word.

If you create a Wikibrains account you can alter your brainstorm webs by adding custom paths and links between elements. Another perk of having a Wikibrains account is the option to browse other users' webs and modify them for your own use.

Applications for Educations
Wikibrains could be a great tool to have students use as a story starter. Have your students pick any word or phrase to get started then build a web of what they think are related terms. After they've built the web ask them to create a narrative that explains all of the connections between the elements of the web.

Three Steps to Technology Integration

This morning I delivered a short webinar for Florida State University. The webinar was a mix of theory with some specific tool demos. The slides from the webinar are embedded below.