Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mysteries of Vernacular Explains Nuances of English

Mysteries of Vernacular is an interesting site that is developing a series of videos about the history and nuances of the English language. The concept is similar to that of Words of the World. Mysteries of Vernacular will eventually have one video for every letter of the alphabet. For now there is just a few videos available.

Applications for Education
Much like the idea I shared in my review of Words of the World, Mysteries of Vernacular could be an instructive model for your own lesson combining history and language arts. Have your students pick a word or two that they think is common and research it. Then have them create their own short videos in which they explain the history of those words. You might even have them research the dialect of the areas in which they live.

Mysteries of Vernacular: Clue from Myriapod Productions on Vimeo.

Verbling - Learn a New Language in a Google+ Hangout

Verbling is a language learning service that launched back in July. When it launched its purpose was to match native speakers of Spanish and English to help each other learn a new language. Since then it has added support for French, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian.

The most significant upgrade to Verbling is the recent addition of structured classes hosted through Google+ Hangouts. The classes are held at scheduled times and are taught by certified TEFL teachers. You can join the classes live or if you miss a class you can go back and watch it later on Verbling.

Verbling from Verbling on Vimeo.

Right Click to Save Images and More to Google Drive

Save to Drive is a handy Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to save images, links, audio files, and video files in your Google Drive account. With Save to Drive installed you can simply right-click on a file or link to send it to your Google Drive account. To do this just right-click then select "save to Google Drive" to send it to your Google Drive account. This works for images and links. Save to Drive also works for HTML5 audio and video files, but it does not work for Flash files.

Applications for Education
Save to Drive could be a handy tool for students to use when they're researching a topic online. Students can use the extension to collect links and pictures that they will use in their research projects. To send to Google Drive students will need to be signed into their Google Accounts when they're searching the web.