Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moody Monsters to Help Kids Identify Feelings

Cross-posted by request from my other blog iPadApps4School.com.

Moody Monster Manor is a free iPad app that is designed to help children learn to recognize emotions. Moody Monster Manor features twenty cartoon monsters that represent emotions that children commonly experience. Some of the Moody Monsters that children will meet in the manor include Ecstatic Ed, Worried Wanda, Sad Sal, and Sorry Simon. Children can also create their own Moody Monsters to represent how they’re feeling.

After meeting all of the monsters in Moody Monster Manor children can help the monsters deal with their emotions in four fun games (more games are in development). Children can help Hungry Hank make a snack, help Worried Wanda with her homework, and help Confused Carl match name tags to monsters. My favorite of the games is helping Scared Sam capture bad dreams so that he can get to sleep. To help Scared Sam capture the bad dreams students have to move their iPads left and right to shine a virtual flashlight on the bad dreams.

Applications for Education
Moody Monster Manor could be a great app to help children recognize emotions that they feel or that they see in others. My sister who has a three year old highly recommended using the create a monster portion of the app to get children to express themselves.

Moody Monster Manor is an app that I learned about from Rod Berger during one of our Core of Education vodcasts.