Friday, January 25, 2013

Use Evernote and StudyBlue to Create Online Flashcards

This morning on iPad Apps for School I wrote a review of the StudyBlue iPad app. That app allows students to create and share flashcards on their iPads. StudyBlue can also be used in a web browser. If students use StudyBlue in a web browser they can create flashcards from the notes that they have stored in their Evernote accounts. Students can import individual notes or entire notebooks from their Evernote accounts. After the notes are imported students can copy and paste text, images, and links to use in their StudyBlue flashcards. Click here to try it today.

Applications for Education
If your students are using Evernote to record and organize notes during their classes, importing some of the notes into StudyBlue could be a convenient way to create review materials.