Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shmoop Now Offers History, Math, and Literature Videos

This evening I looked at Shmoop for the first time in quite a while and learned that they now offer videos. The videos are short summaries of topics in U.S. History, classic literature, and mathematics. The videos are a mix of animated and green screen productions. I watched nine of the videos this evening and give them mixed reviews. A couple of the U.S. History videos were a bit too glib or cheeky in their handling of some serious topics while other videos were just fine.

Applications for Education
The Shmoop videos are a bit too short and lack the depth that I hope to find in review materials. The literature videos are more like book trailers than analysis of the books.  In that regard you might find the Shmoop videos could be models for having your students create book trailers of their own.