Friday, March 1, 2013

I Need A Pencil - Realistic SAT Prep

I Need A Pencil is a free SAT preparation service provided by the CK-12 Foundation. The service provides students with 60 lessons and more than 800 SAT practice problems in math, writing, and critical reading. The lessons are based on questions that students typically encounter on the SAT. To track their own progress students can mark lessons as complete or as lessons to review again. After completing lessons students can jump to practice questions. Students can work through questions in the random mode or they can choose to only work with questions from one subject. To help students have a sense of how they might score on the SAT, I Need A Pencil tracks the questions that they have answered and projects a score based on practice problem answers.

Take a look at the overview of I Need A Pencil in the Slideshare presentation below.