Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Questions to Ask When Planning Video Projects

This morning at the NCTIES conference I gave a presentation on having students use mobile apps to create multimedia projects. Part of that presentation included video projects. Part of my presentation included a set of questions that I think teachers should consider when planning a video project. Those questions are listed below:

*Planning questions to ask yourself.
-What do you want students to demonstrate?
- What is your knowledge of the creation process?
- What is your students' level of knowledge of content?
- What are yours and your students' skills in writing, research, editing, assembling?
- How much time can you allot to this project?
- What are your skills? (Tip do the project yourself from scratch)
- What are your students’ skills?
- What kind of equipment do you have at your disposal? How often can you access that equipment?

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