Tuesday, April 2, 2013

200+ Novel Games for Your Classroom Website

In my previous post I mentioned that I once put some games in the sidebar of a blog classroom blog. I did that because I had a group of students that I knew enjoyed games. I put the games in the blog to make the blog a little more appealing and hopefully get my students in the habit of visiting the blog often. The source of the games that I embedded into the blog was Novel Games. Novel Games offers more than 200 games that you can embed into your blog, wiki, or website for free. Most of the games are simple logic games, basic mathematics games, geography games, and spelling games like hangman. Novel Games also offers Sudoku and Mahjongg games.

Applications for Education
As I mentioned above including games in your classroom blog or website is one strategy for getting students in the habit of visiting it without you're prompting. A few fun mathematics games or spelling games can keep students and parents coming back to practice and develop those respective skills. There are enough games on Novel Games that you can rotate games in and out of your class blog to give students variety or to match the topic you're currently teaching.