Monday, April 8, 2013

Build a Word Kingdom on is the default online dictionary for millions of people. But did you know that also has word games for your edutainment? offers six registration-free and fun word games. The two games that I like best are Miss Spell's Class and Word Kingdom. In Miss Spell's Class students are presented with twenty commonly misspelled words and quickly decide if the spelling they're looking at is correct or incorrect. Word Kingdom could be described as Zelda meets word search. In Word Kingdom players have to construct words in order to earn objects like wood and gold. Once enough objects are earned players can move on to the next level until they have built their Word Kingdoms.

Applications for Education 
If you're looking for some word games that your students can play independently,'s games are a good starting place. Linking these games to your classroom blog would make it easy for students and their parents to locate the games quickly and give them another good reason to check in on your blog.

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