Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tildee - Craft and Share Tech Tutorials

Tildee is a service for creating multimedia tutorials on anything you want to teach. I tried the service a couple of years ago. This evening I revisited it to see the new updates to Tildee. Tildee still publishes your tutorials as webpages with individual URLs. Tildee provides a template and platform for sharing tutorials with others. Your tutorials can include any combination of text, screen captures, Google Maps, and videos.

The best feature of the updated Tildee interface is the option to drag and drop sections of your tutorials into order. Let's say that just before publishing your tutorial you realize that you forgot to include a step. Just write out that step then drag it into the proper spot in your tutorial.

Applications for Education
One of my former colleagues used to have her students create short presentations about the software on their netbooks. That assignment was intended, in part, to help the students familiarize themselves with their new netbooks. The assignment was also designed to get students to think about writing clear directions. If you wanted to try this assignment, Tildee could be a good platform on which students could publish their completed projects.