Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gooru Adds a Common Core Standards-Based Search Tool

This morning I was a guest on NCompass Live. During my appearance I talked about Gooru. Gooru is a great place to find and or create collections of educational videos, texts, and images. This afternoon I learned that Gooru's new interface includes the option to search for materials according to ELA Common Core standards.

Another new feature of the revamped Gooru interface is dragging and dropping items from your search results to your collections. Now you can also create quizzes to go along with each of your collections.

Applications for Education
The option to create quizzes to include in your collections is probably the best feature of Gooru at the moment. To help your students review a topic you could create a collection of resources and include short quiz items that they can use to test themselves. Your students could also create their own collections to share with each other.

If your students are using iPads, Gooru has a free iPad app that you may want to try.  I reviewed the app here.