Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tips for Leading Google Apps Trainings - Part 3

Yesterday, I shared a couple of tips for leading successful Google Apps training activities. Here's the third installment in my series of tips on the topic. These tips are based on my experiences gained from leading dozens of Google Apps trainings over the last few years.

A Clean Slate
When I lead a training for people who are just beginning to learn to use Google Apps, I use dummy accounts (my dogs have their own Google Accounts) that are stripped-down to look as if they were just created. I do this so that I will be projecting a screen that is identical to what my training participants see on their laptops. I do this because I already have a bunch of folders, labels, and other customizations applied to the Google Apps products that I regularly use. I know from experience that if I project my personal account, some participants in my training session will be distracted by or at the least be curious about what I've done to my account. That curiosity is good, but it also can lead to questions that delve into advanced options that participants may not be ready to try yet.