Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What My Dog Can Teach Us About Managing 1:1 Classrooms

I have two dogs, Morrison and Max. Morrison is my older dog, he's between ten and thirteen years old. Morrison was an adult when I adopted him and he's never gotten into trouble when left alone in the house.

Max is my younger dog, he's two years old. I adopted Max six months ago. Max will get into trouble if he is left alone in the house for more than ten minutes. But if Max gets to run around, play fetch, or go on a long walk before he's left in the house, he doesn't get into trouble when he's left alone in the house.

My experience in 1:1 classrooms is much like my experience with Max. If you are having students use their devices for engaging and challenging work then they are less prone to wandering off task to check email, update Facebook, or to play games. If you are just having students use their devices to take notes while you lecture, they're highly likely to do things you don't want them to do.

What advice about managing 1:1 classrooms do you have to share?