Friday, June 7, 2013

Clipping Magic - Remove Background Materials from Your Images

Clipping Magic is a new tool that makes it easy to edit background objects out of your images. Clipping Magic allows you to erase all of the background from an image so that the only thing left is the person, animal, or object that is the centerpiece of your image. For example, I erased the background from a picture of one of my dogs. All that was left was just my dog and none of the background.

To start using Clipping Magic just upload a picture from your computer. Then use the green highlighter to mark the things that you want to leave in your picture. Use the red highlighter to mark the things you want to remove from your picture. When you're happy with edit, you can download the new picture.

Applications for Education
Clipping Magic could be a great tool to use if you want to create Clip Art or digital cut-outs out of pictures that you've taken. For example, if I want some dog icons to use in a video or slideshow I could edit out the background from some pictures of my dogs then use the new dog-only image files as icons to use in my videos and presentations.