Monday, June 17, 2013

Create Multimedia Presentations & Quizzes in Edmodo

Soo Meta is a great tool for creating multimedia presentations and quizzes. I tried it for the first time back in March and it has only improved since then. Today, I learned that Soo Meta is available in Edmodo. So if you use Edmodo and you want to create multimedia presentations and quizzes or you want your students to create them, that can happen by using Edmodo log-in credentials.

Soo Meta allows you to combine videos from YouTube, pictures from the web or from your desktop, text, and voice recordings to create a presentation. You can also pull content in from Pinterest and Twitter to use in your final product. Soo Meta also allows you to insert a quiz into your projects. This means that people viewing your Soo Meta projects can watch a short video clip then answer questions about it before moving onto the next part of the presentation.

Applications for Education
Soo Meta could be a good tool for creating short flipped lessons for your students. You could have students create projects in which they create book trailers using video clips, images, and their voices. Students could use Soo Meta to create a digital collage of media around a current events topic that they're studying. Soo Meta might also be used by students to create a showcase of their best digital works of the semester.