Friday, June 14, 2013

Tour Mark Twain's House In Google Maps

Google Maps received another update yesterday. On the Google LatLong Blog it was announced that 1,001 new places can be viewed in Street View. One of the places featured in the announcement is Mark Twain's house. The exterior of the house was previously viewable in Street View. The new imagery takes you inside the house.

The 1,001 new places in Street View are not only in the United States. New Street View imagery of notable places in Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia is now available in Google Maps too. Take a look at the
Singapore Zoo in Street View.

Applications for Education
Google's continuous expansion of Google Street View imagery means that our opportunities to take students on virtual tours continues to expand too. I love using imagery to prompt students to ask questions that they can then research the answers too. For example, I can now take my students inside Mark Twain's house and show them this corner of this living area which may then lead to questions about what Mark Twain and his contemporaries did for home entertainment.

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