Saturday, June 15, 2013

WatchDoc - A Chrome Extension for Monitoring Google Docs Changes

Update 12/12/2013: It appears that this extension was removed from the Chrome store. I'm looking for an alternative option. 

I love Google Drive and use it to create every document that I plan to share with others. The only complaint that I have is that the only ways I can find out if my collaborators have editing the document is to either open and look at the document or turn on email notifications. I have enough email as it is so I'm not inclined to use email notifications. I'm now trying a new way to monitor changes to my shared Google Documents.

WatchDoc is a Chrome extension that displays a small pop-up notification in the corner of your browser whenever someone edits one the Google Documents that you have shared with him or her.

Applications for Education
WatchDoc could be a fantastic extension for students to use to quickly see when one of their peers has edited a group project. And for students who can't wait to find out if you have graded the assignments they shared with you, WatchDoc could be a good alert system too.