Thursday, August 1, 2013

EdCanvas for Schools Lets You Manage Student Accounts

Edcanvas makes it easy for teachers to organize and share educational materials in a visually pleasing format. The "canvas" part of Edcanvas is where you arrange videos, links, images, and files around any topic of your choosing. Edcanvas has built-in search tools so that you do not have to leave your Edcanvas account in order to locate resources. 

This week Edcanvas introduced school-wide accounts. The new Edcanvas for Schools allows administrators to have unlimited classes, students, and teachers in one account. The administrator create accounts and administer accounts in Edcanvas for Schools.

Applications for Education
One of the features of Edcanvas for Schools that some administrators may like is the option to see which teachers are using the service the most. Administrators can also see active lessons to curate a selection of best practices.