Monday, August 12, 2013

Socrative 2.0 Is Coming In September

Earlier this month it was announced that Socrative had received a sizable investment. Part of that announcement included hints of what is to come from Socrative. Today, Socrative announced what a few of those features will be when Socrative 2.0 is released to everyone in September.

Socrative 2.0 will give students the option to work on questions in any order that they like when they are completing student-paced activities.

Socrative 2.0 will include the option to assign Common Core Standards tags to all of the assessments that you create.

Applications for Education
Socrative replaces the need for expensive "clicker" feedback systems. Socrative works on any device that has an Internet connection. Students sign into a virtual classroom in which you can post questions and they can reply either anonymously or with their names depending upon how you want to use the service.

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