Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wikispaces Offers a Helpful Back to School Kit

Wikispaces, the popular and free wiki platform, has just released a new back to school kit for teachers. The kit includes a series of Google Slides presentations that offer step-by-step directions for every aspect of creating a classroom wiki through Wikispaces. The Wikispaces back to school kit also includes printable directions to distribute to students. On the same page as the printable directions you will find a template for sending letters home to parents about how you're using Wikispaces, how students will use it, and how they can see what their children are doing with Wikispaces.

Applications for Education
Besides the directions for creating a wiki, the form letter to parents and the directions for students are the most valuable parts of the Wikispaces back to school kit. A lot of parents, particularly those of younger students, have questions about why their children are posting to a wiki (or a blog), the letter home could help to address some of their questions and concerns.