Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Bill of Rights in 30 Seconds and a Video Assignment for History Students

I've said it before and I'll continue to say to it, U.S. History teachers and students really should subscribe to Hip Hughes History on YouTube. Keith Hughes does a fantastic job of presenting short overviews of key concepts and events in U.S. History. Unlike a lot of "flipped classroom videos" Keith's videos are upbeat and engaging. After watching his Government Shutdown for Dummies video I saw one of Keith's older videos for the first time. The Bill of Rights in 30 Seconds is a very fast overview of the key concepts of the Bill of Rights, check it out on YouTube or watch it below.

Applications for Education
After they watch The Bill of Rights in 30 Seconds have your students take the same concept of using props and have them create 30 second video overviews of each of the concept in the Bill of Rights. In an assignment like that production quality isn't as important to me as content and students' demonstrations of understanding. I would have students use simple video editing tools like the YouTube iOS or Android apps to record do the rough editing of their videos.