Thursday, November 21, 2013

PresentationTube Offers New Options for Recording and Sharing Presentations

PresentationTube is a free service that teachers can add narration to their PowerPoint presentations. When the service launched last winter it only supported the inclusion of PowerPoint slides. Recently, PresentationTube added support for whiteboard drawings and webpages.

To use PresentationTube you do need to download the PresentationTube Recorder (Windows only). The Presentation Tube recorder automatically synchronizes your PowerPoint slides with your voice. The free recording tool allows you to record for up to 15 minutes. Your completed recording can be uploaded directly to Presentation Tube.

Applications for Education
Dedicated PowerPoint and Windows users may find PresentationTube to be a good tool to use in the creation of flipped lessons.

You could have students use Presentation Tube to practice speaking on camera about a topic that they're going to present to their classmates.