Friday, November 8, 2013

Studying Through Text Messages

Here's a fun challenge to give to students and most adults; try to wait ten minutes before looking at your phone when you hear your text message notification. It's a difficult challenge for most people. Study Boost knows this and is trying to leverage that compulsion to check text messages in order to make studying a part of students' text messaging habit.

Here's how it works; students sign-up on Study Boost and link their favorite IM service or SMS (mobile number) to their Study Boost accounts. Then students create batches of questions or find batches of questions made by others. After creating and or selecting batches of questions students "activate" those questions. Activating a batch of questions means that those questions will be sent via IM or SMS at intervals specified by the student. Students answer the questions and get feedback via IM or SMS.

Watch the video below to learn more about Study Boost.

Applications for Education
Study Boost could be a good service for students to use to study on the go. Using Study Boost students traveling for club or sports activities need to only take their mobile devices with them study. As a teacher you can register and submit batches of questions that your students can study. Or students can create their own sets of questions to study.

Before you have students use Study Boost, you may want to consult with their parents to get permission for using the service. Study Boost is free to use as long as you have an unlimited text messaging plan within the United States.