Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Knowmia Adds an Automatic Scoring Option to Flipped Lessons

Knowmia is a website and a free iPad app for creating, sharing, and viewing video lessons. Six months ago Knowmia introduced a feature that they call an Assignment Wizard. The Knowmia Assignment Wizard allows teachers to design assignments that their students have to complete after watching a video. Students can check their own Knowmia accounts to see the assignments that their teachers have distributed. This week Knowmia added an automatic scoring option that teachers can activate when they distribute flipped lessons to their students.

Knowmia's automatic scoring function works for multiple choice questions and numeric questions. The automatic scoring is based on your answer key. Assignments are scored when students make a submission. Along with automatic scoring teachers now have the option to see when a student initially opened an assignment and how many questions they've tried before submitting the assignment. Visit the Knowmia support blog for a complete run-down of the new assignment scoring options.
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Applications for Education
If you're using the flipped classroom model, Knowmia's new automatic scoring feature could save you time and help you form your next in-class lesson. Seeing the questions that are giving your students difficulty before they get to your classroom can help you determine which topics you should use at the start of your next lesson.

And if you're not using the flipped model, Knowmia can be a good place to find educational videos that your students can use to review or get "on demand" help when they cannot connect with you.