Monday, December 2, 2013

Organize and Share Files and Bookmarks on Pearltrees

Pearltrees is a service that combines social bookmarking with mind-mapping. Using Pearltrees you can bookmark websites and arrange your bookmarks into webs or mindmaps of related topics. Recently, Pearltrees added the option for users to upload files use in their mindmaps. Users can arrange and share their files just like they can with any other Pearltrees mindmap. Pearltrees can be used in your web browser or through the free Pearltrees iOS and Android apps.

Applications for Education
Uploading files to Pearltrees gives students another way to create digital portfolios to show-off their best work. Through Pearltress students can showcase work they've created offline along with work they've published online. For example, a student could combine links to their best blog posts with pictures of artwork that they have created offline.