Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Podcastomatic Turns Your Blog Posts Into Podcasts

Podcastomatic.com is a free service that automatically converts your blog posts into podcasts. The service does not require any registration on your part. To turn your blog posts into podcasts through Podcastomatic just enter your blog's URL and press "Go." Podcastomatic will then convert the text of your posts into podcasts. You can listen to the podcasts online, through iTunes, and or download each podcast.

I tried Podcastomatic this morning. It didn't work perfectly on my first try, but it did work on the second try. The voice of the podcast is very robotic and clear. Podcastomatic will create ten entries on your first use.

Applications for Education
If you need a simple text to voice tool to make content of your classroom blog accessible to more people, Podcastomatic might be the tool for you.

Crunchzilla's Code Monster Teaches Kids Javascript Programming

Crunchzilla is a service that students can use to learn to write Javascript programs. There are two versions of Crunchzilla; Code Maven and Code Monster. Code Monster is designed for students of middle school age.

Code Monster contains 58 short lessons that take students from the very basics of things like resizing and repositioning objects to complex creation of animations. Students can work through the lessons in sequence or jump directly to any of the lessons. Students receive instant feedback on each lesson because the code that they write and the results of the code are displayed side by side.

Applications for Education
Working through Code Monster from Crunchzilla could be a good way for students to be introduced to programming. Students don't have to register to use the service and they can stop a lesson and come right back to it whenever they want to.

Tomorrow's World - Predictions for the Future

Last week the BBC published an infographic titled Tomorrow's World. The infographic represents predictions for technology, politics, the environment, business, and society over the next one hundred years. The infographic ranks the likelihood and potential timing for each prediction. Take a look at Tomorrow's World below.

Applications for Education
Use the Tomorrow's World infographic as a model for your students to use as they create their own prediction infographics.

H/T to Cool Infographics

Scholastic Presents an Interactive Underground Railroad Lesson

Scholastic has developed a new series of interactive lessons about the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad Escape from Slavery takes students on a virtual trip from a southern plantation to freedom in Ohio. The trip is divided into four sections; On the Plantation, Escape, Reaching Safety, and Reaching Freedom. In each section students can listen to short narrated stories and browse through slideshows. The slideshow images are accompanied by short narrated captions.

Applications for Education
Each section of The Underground Railroad Escape from Slavery has a teacher's guide and writing activities for students to complete. The Underground Railroad Escape from Slavery is optimized for use on interactive whiteboards. The lessons are appropriate for students in grades three through six.

Win an iPad Mini from MasteryConnect

Do you use MasteryConnect to plan lessons and keep track of your students' progress toward meeting Common Core standards? If so MasteryConnect would like to hear from you. Create a short about how you use MasteryConnect and submit it to the MasteryConnect video contest. The person submitting the winning video will receive an iPad Mini. Click here for more information from MasteryConnect.

Learn more about MasteryConnect in the video below.

Disclosure: MasteryConnect helps feed me and my dogs every month through their advertising payments.