Friday, February 8, 2013 - Video Timelines for History Students is a nice little resource for history teachers to bookmark and share with their students. On you can find six timelines of important eras in U.S. and European history. Each timeline includes short (3-10 minute) videos about people and events in the era. The timelines also include pictures and short text descriptions. The six timelines currently available are A History of Britain, The American West, Medicine Through Time, American Voices, The Edwardians, and Nazi Germany. More timelines appear to planned for publication in the future.

Applications for Education
The timelines that I looked at weren't the most comprehensive timelines I've found, but the videos that I watched were good. could be a nice resource to share with students as a tool to review an era after you have taught some lessons on it.

Cometdocs - A Simple Document Conversion Tool

Cometdocs is a free service for quickly converting documents and sharing them with others. Cometdocs will convert your documents to and from Word, PDF, and Excel. When you use Cometdocs to convert a document you can share directly with others via email. After converting your documents Cometdocs also gives you a public URL that you can post for others to use to download your document.

To use Cometdocs just upload a document, select the action that you want performed and enter your email address to share the document. When I tried it this evening the whole process took less than a minute. If you register for an account on Cometdocs, you can get some extra features like more storage space and unlimited file conversions.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for a quick way to share PDFs or Word documents with students, Cometdocs is worth giving a try. You can do some of the same things with Google Drive, but if you're not a Google Drive user then Cometdocs might be for you.

Click here for 15 ways to share files with students.

More Than 100 New Topics in Go Social Studies Go

Go Social Studies Go is a great resource that I initially reviewed about eighteen months ago. This afternoon I received an update about it from its developer Kenneth Udhe. Go Social Studies Go has added more than 100 new topics since I first tried it out.

Go Social Studies Go is essentially a series of multimedia books about common social studies topics. The site is divided into four main sections; World Geography, World Religions, World History, and U.S. History. Within each section is a series of booklets containing text, pictures, videos, and links to additional resources.

Applications for Education
Go Social Studies Go could be an excellent resource for middle school social studies teachers. For the topics covered, the multimedia booklets provide as much content area information as you'll see in a typical textbook. For high school students, the multimedia booklets could be a good primer or refresher on many topics.

The Periodic Table of iPhones

The Periodic Table of iPhones is an interesting infographic from Scientific American. The infographic is part of a larger piece about the rare-Earth minerals that are used in the construction of iPhones. You can download the infographic here.

Applications for Education
When I saw the infographic it made me wonder about what the rare-Earth minerals found in other electronics and common household items. Investigating the answer to that could be a challenging assignment for high school chemistry students.

H/T to Cool Infographics.