Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taking the Penultimate Notes

A couple of weeks ago Evernote released Penultimate as a free iPad app. Since then it has become my favorite app for taking notes and sketching out my thoughts.

Penultimate provides a place for you to hand-write notes on your iPad. The app allows you to create multiple notebooks with multiple pages in each. You can change the color and size of the pen strokes that are created when you write in your notebooks. Each page in your notebook can include pictures that you have stored on your iPad or pictures that you take through the Penultimate app. The app provides the option to change the look of the virtual paper on which you write. You can copy and paste content from one page to another and from one notebook to another. Learn more in the video below.

Applications for Education
I've found that using the app is a great way for me to record my ideas quickly without typing. This matters to me because I often find that when I type in a mind map format I lose some of the flow of my thoughts. In talking with students and other teachers over the years I've found that I'm not the only one who prefers to hand-write my notes and mind maps. In the screen capture below you can see one of the notes that I took while listening to a keynote from Marc Prensky.

Making Meaning With Mobile Apps

Yesterday afternoon my follow-up presentation to my keynote on collaborative learning with technology was titled Making Meaning With Mobile Apps. There were quite a few requests for the slides so I uploaded them to Slideshare and have posted them below. (The blank spaces are where I had video clips that I have licensed but cannot redistribute).

Making Learning Collaborative

Yesterday, I had the privilege of giving a keynote talk to a great group of school administrators and teachers in Westchester County, New York. The topic of my talk was using technology to create collaborative learning experiences. Many people asked for the slides so I uploaded them to Slideshare and I have embedded them into this post. (The blank slides are ones in which I had licensed videos that I cannot redistribute).

A Crash Course in Chemistry

This post is for my friend Walter Perry and my brother-in-law Dr. Nathan Hnatiuk who teach chemistry. The next time your students are in need of some chemistry review materials to watch online, they might want to visit the new Crash Course Chemistry series from Hank and John Green. In the new series Hank teaches us about Chemistry. In the first video in the series, embedded below, we learn about atoms and their properties.

UtellStory - Tell a Story With Pictures and Voice

UtellStory is a new service for creating and sharing audio slideshows. To create and share your story through UtellStory you can upload pictures, add text captions, add audio narration to each slide, and upload a soundtrack to support your entire story. Completed projects can be embedded into your blog, emailed to your friends, or shared through your favorite social networking sites. Watch UTellStory's introduction here.

Creating my first UTellStory project, available here, took me about ten minutes after registering on the site. To create my story I uploaded pictures that I had saved on my computer, but I could have also pulled images from Flickr. Then I added the narration to each slide. In the free version of UTellStory you have thirty seconds per slide and up to two minutes of total audio. I rearranged my slides after recording by simply dragging them into the sequence in which I wanted them to appear.

Applications for Education 
UtellStory could be a great way for students to create and share short stories about things that they photograph. When your students are on a field trip ask them to take pictures to use in an UtellStory report about what they saw and learned on the trip. Or have students search for Creative Commons and Public Domain images to use as part of an audio slideshow biography about a notable person in history.

UtellStory does offer a paid version for educators. The paid version allows you to create and manage student accounts.