Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ThingLink Remix - Share One Image and Let Your Whole Class Make It Interactive

ThingLink is my favorite tool for making images interactive. I've written about it many times in the past including this post that has 26 ways to use ThingLink in the classroom. Today, ThingLink added a new option called ThingLink Remix. Remix is an optional service that allows you let other people use the images that you upload. You retain ownership of the original image and your original image isn't changed, but others can use your uploaded image to create their own interactive images.

Here's how Remix works. I can upload a picture and activate the Remix option for it. Then when you find my image you can click the "Remix" button to add the image to your account and start adding interactive pinmarks to it.

If you've never used ThingLink before, check out my short video about it below.

Applications for Education
In the post announcing the new Remix feature ThingLink suggests the following that a teacher compose a set of questions on a ThingLink image of a garden with various plants. Student can then click the Remix button, and answer the questions on his or her own version of the image.

ClassBadges Partners With Edublogs to Recognize Students' Blogging Achievements

ClassBadges and Edublogs have announced a partnership designed to recognize your students' blogging achievements. ClassBadges is a free service for tracking and recognizing students' educational achievements. EduBlogs is a popular blogging platform designed for classroom use. The new partnership between the two services allows you to award blog badges to students for things like quality comments, post quality, and completion of blogging challenges. Click here for the new blog badges.

Applications for Education
ClassBadges offers some suggestions for use in the videos below.