Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Career Sighted - Short Videos About Career Options

Career Sighted is a new website designed to help students learn a bit about jobs in careers they have an interest in. The videos introduce students to the essential functions of each job and education needed for it. The videos feature real people talking about their jobs and what they like about them. Career Sighted is only a couple of months old so at this point it only has a few dozen videos, but hopefully they'll be adding more over the next few months.

CareerSighted Teaser from CareerSighted on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Sites like Career Sighted are good resources for high school guidance departments. Bookmark Career Sighted or link it to your department website so that you can refer students to it when they want to see a quick overview of various jobs and careers.

Craft a Short Audio Story on The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a website hosted by the Delaware Museum of Art. On the site students can learn about works of art. The better part of the site are the tools for creating short audio stories by using elements of artwork, text, and voice. In Tell a Story students select a work of art, write a short story about it, then record their own narration of the story. In Picture a Story students select a scene, choose characters, add props, write their stories, then record narration for their stories. Both tools have drag and drop editors that make it easy for students to rearrange and alter the size of elements in their stories.

Applications for Education
Tell a Story and Picture a Story could be used as part of a creative writing lesson. Art teachers could have students use Tell a Story to record and share their analysis of artwork.

Reading RSS Feeds on Windows 8

In my on-going efforts to explore alternatives to Google Reader and familiarize myself with Windows 8 applications I recently tried using Bing News on my Lenovo Yoga 13. This week the app was updated and it now allows me to add any RSS feed whether it's featured by Bing or not. Once you've added a feed by entering the URL for the feed, you can put it into a category in the app. It's important to note that you have to enter the feed URL not the site URL in order to add a subscription (it's kind of like the early days of Google Reader and I hope that Microsoft changes that in the future).

What I like about the Bing News app is the clean and full layout of articles as I browse through them. What I don't like is that in order to share a story or bookmark a story, I have to open the "charms" menu then select share then select the app through which I want to share the story. It's not difficult, but it adds one more step than I typically use in Feedly or Flipboard. Overall, it's not a bad app but I'm still more inclined to use Feedly's Chrome app when I want to browse through my RSS feeds on my Windows 8 computer.

Math Is Power 4 U - A Database of Math Videos

Last week I shared a list of ten good sources for math videos. Over the weekend I was contacted by someone suggesting that I take a look at Math Is Power 4 U. Math Is Power 4 U is a large collection of tutorial videos primarily covering topics found in middle school and high school math courses. The videos are short and direct. You could make very similar videos yourself, if you wanted to. The best aspect of Math Is Power 4 U is the searchable database of videos. The database, hosted by Phoenix College, makes it easy to quickly find a video explaining topics in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and half a dozen other topics.

Applications for Education
If you had the time, you could make very similar videos yourself using a tool like Screencast-O-Matic. But before doing that, take a look through Math Is Power 4 U database to see if there is a video available that meets your students' needs.