Monday, April 22, 2013

Lots of Answers to Common Google Apps Security & Privacy Questions

This morning I received an email that I get on a fairly regular basis. The question always goes something like this... "we're thinking about using Google Apps in our school but we worry about storing company projects on a third party servers, can you give us some guidance?"

The first thing that I always share with people asking that question is a link to the Google Apps security and privacy overview. There you will find answers to the most common questions about security and privacy including perhaps the most frequently asked question, "who owns the data that organizations put into Google Apps?" Google's response is copied below.
  • To put it simply, Google does not own your data. We do not take a position on whether the data belongs to the institution signing up for Apps, or the individual user (that's between the two of you), but we know it doesn't belong to us!
    The data which you put into our systems is yours, and we believe it should stay that way. We think that means three key things.
  • We won't share your data with others except as noted in our Privacy Policy.
  • We keep your data as long as you require us to keep it.
  • Finally, you should be able to take your data with you if you choose to use external services in conjunction with Google Apps or stop using our services altogether.

ReadWorks Offers 1,000+ Reading Passages Aligned to Common Core Standards

ReadWorks is a free service that has cataloged hundreds of lesson plans and more than one thousand non-fiction reading passages aligned to Common Core standards. With a free ReadWorks account you can search for lessons and reading passages by grade and skill. In your account you can create digital binders of the lesson plans and reading passages that you want to use. Learn more about ReadWorks in the video below.

Intro to ReadWorks from ReadWorks on Vimeo.

Edit and Create PowerPoint, Word, and More Inside

When I'm not saving and sharing files through Google Drive, is the tool that I use. Now has become more useful by adding a new feature that allows you to create and edit PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files within your Box account. Box is also supporting the use of Google Drive to create documents and spreadsheets through your Box account.

Applications for Education
If you or your students prefer PowerPoint or Word to Google Documents or Google Slides, could be a good option for you to use create and share your work online.

New PDF Annotation Options in Evernote Skitch

Skitch for Mac and iOS is an excellent app that I've used for creating annotated screenshots for quite a while. In fact, I used it to create the screenshots in A Short Guide to Using Google Drive on Your iPad. Recently, Skitch for Mac and iOS received some updates that make annotating PDFs easier and better than ever before.

Skitch now allows you to import and annotated single and multiple page PDFs. New stickers and call-outs have been added to Skitch as well. If you're an Evernote Premium account holder you'll have access to even more features including an annotations summary page.