Thursday, May 9, 2013

Create iPad and Android Magazines on Flipboard on the Web

Last month the popular iPad app Flipboard added a great feature that allows everyone to curate their own digital magazines. Today, Flipboard made that option available on Android as well in web browsers on your computer. Flipboard Editor allows you to create and curate digital magazines through your web browser. Those magazines can be shared or kept private. The magazines you create can be read on iPad, Android, or on your laptop. Learn more about Flipboard Editor in the video below.

Applications for Education
Joe O’Brien wrote a great post about how he’s using Flipboard magazines with his students. I recommend reading his post here.

Silk - Collaboratively Create Digital Portfolios

Silk is a free service for creating webpages organized around a theme or topic. Silk is intended to be a place where you can share collections of materials as well as write text directly into your webpages. Your Silk dashboard provides a place to organize your materials into collections and subcollections. Your collections can include documents, videos, images, charts and graphs, and links to other sites. Take a look at a sample Silk site here.

You can create multiple sites within your free Silk account. Your Silk sites can be public or  private. Creating collections on your Silk site can become a collaborative activity by inviting others to be editors or administrators on a site.

Applications for Education
Silk could be a good tool for students to use to create digital portfolios. Teachers could use Silk to create digital collections of information to supplement or replace textbooks for their courses.

Timelapse Imagery of How the World Has Changed

This morning Google, NASA, USGS, and TIME released new timelapse imagery that depicts how the Earth's surface has changed over the last 25 to 30 years. Using the new TIME Timelapse powered by Google you can see how shorelines have changed, cities have grown, and glaciers have shrunk. Start out with some the featured imagery on the homepage then search for other places around the world. The first place I searched for was Cape Cod.

Applications for Education
TIME Timelapse powered by Google could be a good resource for students studying the effects of erosion and climate change on the Earth. Combine the use of this imagery with historical imagery in Google Earth to give students even more perspective on the changes to the Earth's surface over time.

10 Time-saving Tech Tips from David Pogue

This is certainly not an inspirational TED Talk. That said, I bet that this video will provide a trick or two that you or someone you know isn't using right now. I learned one new tip from David Pogue's TED Talk embedded below, hit the "B" key to black-out a slide while presenting.

Memofon - Create Mind Maps from Outlines

Memofon is a new mind mapping tool that makes it possible to create mind maps from typed outlines. Memofon uses the same concept as Text 2 Mind Map which I really like. To create a mind map with Memofon you just have to type an outline. It takes some time to figure out the outline formatting tricks. Once you have the formatting down Memofon has more features than Text 2 Mind Map. Memofon can be used to create to-do lists within your mind map. For example, if I have created a mind map of a project that I am working on I can include to-do tasks in each branch of the mind map.

Applications for Education
What I like about Memofon is that students who prefer outlines to webs can use Memofon just as well as students who prefer webs to outlines. Because the formatting tricks take a while to figure out (hopefully, Memofon adds better help documentation soon) I would only use Memofon with high school and college students. 

The FAFSA and Financial Aid in a Nutshell

The FAFSA and financial aid packages offered by universities can be difficult for the first-time college student to navigate. And if you're a first generation college student it can be even more difficult because you may not know who to turn to for advice. Fortunately, a lot of high school guidance departments are doing more than ever to help students understand the FAFSA and financial aid. Planet Nutshell produced two good videos that will also help students and parents understand the FAFSA and financial aid. The videos are embedded below.

Choosing Financial Aid in a Nutshell from Planet Nutshell on Vimeo.

Borrow Wisely: FAFSA in a Nutshell from Planet Nutshell on Vimeo.

These videos were produced by Planet Nutshell with funding from the U.S. Depart of Education, the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority, and the Utah Education Network.