Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Depression Quest - An Interactive Story About Depression

Depression Quest is a website that features an interactive story designed to educate people about depression. The story puts you in the place of a twenty-something person that is struggling with depression. Throughout the story you are presented with choices to make that influence the next phase of the story. The story has 150 different scenarios and five possible outcomes at the end based on the choices you make as you read through the story.

Applications for Education
Depression Quest is a site that I would love to see high school students use in their health classes. The scenarios are very realistic and I know that some students will relate very strongly to some of the scenarios. For other students the scenarios will provide them with some understanding of what depression sufferers feel. All students completing the story will learn about the signs of depression.

Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for sharing this link on Twitter.

ActiveNote - Organized Sticky Notes & Reminders

ActiveNote is a free Windows 8 application that brings organization to sticky notes. ActiveNote organizes your sticky notes into three columns; active, completed, today. To add a sticky note you just have to type it out and it is automatically assigned to the active column. You can assign a day and time stamp to your sticky notes. The day and time that you assign to your notes will be used to remind you of the notes when the time is appropriate. When you have completed a task on one on your sticky notes you can drag it into the completed column.

Applications for Education
If you or your students are using Windows 8 computers, ActiveNote could be a good tool to help you keep track of the important things that you need to do.

Music Maker Jam - Music Creation on Windows 8

Music Maker Jam is a free Windows 8 app for creating music tracks to download and use in multimedia projects. Music Maker Jam provides four styles of music that you can modify (additional styles are available for purchase). Choose a style then use the virtual instrument tracks to modify the music track. You can increase or decrease the volume of each instrument and modify the tempo of your tracks. You can also add or remove an instrument from your music tracks. When you're happy with the sound of the music you've created you can download your music as an MP3 file.

Applications for Education
Music Maker Jam could be a good tool for students to use to create recordings to use as bumper music in podcasts or to use as the background music in a video project.

10 Expectations That Students Have of Schools

Following up on my previous post about managing 1:1 classrooms, here's an interesting video that Esther Wojcicki shared on Google+. Most of these are things that many of us have heard before, but it's nice to have a reminder.

What My Dog Can Teach Us About Managing 1:1 Classrooms

I have two dogs, Morrison and Max. Morrison is my older dog, he's between ten and thirteen years old. Morrison was an adult when I adopted him and he's never gotten into trouble when left alone in the house.

Max is my younger dog, he's two years old. I adopted Max six months ago. Max will get into trouble if he is left alone in the house for more than ten minutes. But if Max gets to run around, play fetch, or go on a long walk before he's left in the house, he doesn't get into trouble when he's left alone in the house.

My experience in 1:1 classrooms is much like my experience with Max. If you are having students use their devices for engaging and challenging work then they are less prone to wandering off task to check email, update Facebook, or to play games. If you are just having students use their devices to take notes while you lecture, they're highly likely to do things you don't want them to do.

What advice about managing 1:1 classrooms do you have to share?