Thursday, May 16, 2013

Next Vista for Learning - Videos of the Year

Next Vista for Learning is the first video sharing site that I recommend to teachers looking for alternatives to YouTube. Videos on Next Vista are made by teachers and students for teachers and students. Throughout the school year Next Vista hosts video creation contests for students and teachers. Today, Next Vista announced their Video of the Year award recipients in three categories. The category titles and the winning videos are included below.

Collaboratively created video: Cause and Effect

Student video: Movie Tips and Tricks

Teacher video: Finding the Philosophy In Everyday Life: Existentialism

Google Apps for Education Gets Streamlined Storage Too

A couple of days ago Google announced that personal Google Accounts will now be able to allocate 15GB of storage however they like across Drive, Gmail, and Google+ photos. Today, Google announced the same will be true for Google Apps for Education  too. The bonus for Google Apps for Education users is that you will have 30GB of storage to use between Drive, mail, and Google+ images. This change will be rolled-out over the next few weeks.

Shakespeare Uncovered - Videos and Lesson Plans

Shakespeare Uncovered is a collection of videos and lesson plans hosted on PBS Learning Media. The collection is organized into twenty-one smaller, thematically collections. Some of the themes are "Shakespeare and History," "The Use of Soliloquy," and "Gender Roles in Shakespeare." Each collection includes short, documentary video clips, reading materials, and discussion questions. And like almost any new U.S.-based education site launching today, Shakespeare Uncovered includes a list of Common Core standards that can addressed through the use of the materials on the site.

Applications for Education
Shakespeare Uncovered is designed for high school students to explore more than just the writing of Shakespeare. The materials in Shakespeare Uncovered can provide a deeper understanding of what influenced Shakespeare's writings.

Backpack Practice - Talk Your Way Through Review Guides

Backpack Practice is new site from the creators of Backpack TV. The purpose of Backpack Practice is to provide a place on which students can practice basic skills and review facts in math, science, social studies, and language arts. On Backpack Practice rather than typing or dragging and dropping answers into place students speak their responses into their computers. Backpack Practice keeps track of the number of correct and incorrect responses throughout each activity that students use.

Backpack Practice only works in Google Chrome. See how it works in the video below.

Applications for Education
Backpack Practice could be a good site for students to use to review for an upcoming quiz without having to type.