Thursday, May 30, 2013

90 Videos That Will Help You Make Better Videos

Last week I featured the Vimeo Video School's series about stillmotion video creation. YouTube also has an extensive collection of videos designed to help you create better videos. The YouTube Creator Hub contains 90 tutorial videos covering all aspects of creating videos. In the collection of tutorials you will find video about things like white balance, webcam settings, lighting, and shot composition.

Applications for Education
Today, we have lots of free and easy-to-use tools for creating videos. But the difference between a good video and a great video still comes down to the operator of those tools. These YouTube tutorial videos can help you and your students make the most of the video creation tools available to you.

Create Slowmotion Videos Using the YouTube Video Editor

Want to understand why my dogs make such a mess when they drink water? Watch a slow motion video of the process and you'll see why right away. This week YouTube made it possible for anyone to create a slow motion video. The enhancements tool in the YouTube video editor now includes the option to apply slow motion effects to your videos. You can slow the action to 50%, 25%, or 12.5% of the original speed. I made a slow motion video of my dogs running in the snow. You can see it below.

Applications for Education
Student-athletes and their coaches might find the slow motion editing tool useful in helping them analyze plays from a game. Physics teachers might find the slow motion tool helpful in creating videos that help students see things that the naked eye couldn't see. For example, you could film a bouncing ping pong ball them slow it down in the YouTube video editor to help students see how the ball bounces.
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PDF Mergy Makes It Easy To Merge PDFs

PDF Mergy is a free tool for combining PDFs. The service does not require you to register unless you want to select files from your Google Drive account. To merge files just select them from your desktop or your Google Drive account and PDF Mergy does the rest. When your merged files are ready you can download them. The video below shows you how the service works (the video does not have sound).

There aren't too many times that I've had to merge PDFs, but the few times that I have PDF Mergy would have made it a heck of a lot easier for me.PDF Mergy is available as a Chrome Web App.

One safety note about PDF Mergy; I would not use it for PDFs that have sensitive student information in them.

Create Infographics With Piktochart

It seems like every day I find a new infographic on at least one of the blogs that I follow. This is because a good infographic can deliver a lot of information in an easy-to-understand format. If you would like to have your students try their hands at creating infographics, Piktochart is a good tool to use.

Piktochart provides seven free infographic templates. Each template can be customized by changing the colors, fonts, icons, and charts on each template. If you need more space on the template, you can add more fields at the bottom of the templates. If you need less space, you can remove fields from the templates.

Applications for Education
Piktochart could be an excellent tool for your students to use to create infographics based upon data that they research or gather on their own. Some student infographic projects that I've seen include comparing development data and community demographic data.