Monday, June 3, 2013

DNA Explained Visually

BBC Knowledge Explainer: DNA is a short video that uses animation to visually explain DNA. The video explains the form and function of DNA. A short explanation of how DNA is a part of so many things around us. The short video is embedded below.

BBC Knowledge Explainer DNA from Territory on Vimeo.

H/T to Cool Infographics.

ULearniversity - Online Math Lessons and Practice Activities

ULearniversity is a free site featuring arithmetic and algebra lessons. On ULearniversity you can watch tutorial videos and practice the concepts taught in the videos. ULearniversity provides instant feedback on your practice problems. As a registered ULearniversity user you can track your progress.

Applications for Education
There is certainly no shortage of websites featuring flipped lessons and instructional math videos. Some are better than others. One might suit a student's preferences better than others. Therefore, it's worth trying out a few to find the one that best meets your needs.

Why Retail Businesses Open Next to Their Competitors

Have you ever wondered why coffee shops, car dealers, and fast food restaurants tend to be clustered together? Sometimes it is due to local zoning ordinances, but there are other reasons why retail businesses tend to be clustered together. The TED-Ed lesson Why do competitors open their stores next to one another? students learn why retail stores are found next to each other.

GeoSettr - Create a Street View Geography Game

GeoGuessr is an addictive geography game that has become quite popular since its launch earlier this year. Now you can create your own GeoGuessr game by using GeoSettr.

When you visit GeoSettr you'll see two screens. A map with a Pegman on your left and the Street View imagery for the Pegman's current location on your right. Move the Pegman around, zoom-in if you like, until you find the location that you want people to guess. When you've found the right location click "set round" to save the location. When you've set five rounds (locations) your game is assigned a URL that you can distribute.

Just like any other GeoGuessr game when someone plays your GeoSettr game he or she will try to use the visual clues in the Street View imagery to guess the location. After making a guess GeoGuessr shows you the correct location and how far away from the correct location your guess was.

Applications for Education
Creating and playing GeoGuessr games could be a good way for students to learn about notable landmarks in their towns, counties, states, provinces, and countries.

H/T to Google Maps Mania and Larry Ferlazzo.