Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Haiku Deck Now Supports Speaker Notes

Since I first saw it last fall, Haiku Deck, the free iPad for creating presentations, has impressed me. The app makes it easy for anyone to design a good-looking slide presentation. The latest update to Haiku Deck allows you to add speaker notes to your slides. You can also add notes for public viewing when your presentation is shared online. Learn how to use these new features in the videos below.

Haiku Deck How-To: Notes (Overview) from Haiku Deck on Vimeo.

Haiku Deck How-To: Notes (Overview) from Haiku Deck on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for the tip.

Create Motivational Images With AutoMotivator

If you're not out of school yet, you probably will be soon. If you're looking for something to pep-up your classroom a bit for the last couple of weeks of school, consider creating your own motivational poster. AutoMotivator provides an easy way to create your own motivational signs or posters for your classroom or office. The process of using AutoMotivator is simple, upload an image from your computer or another website, select the color and style for your font, then type your motivational message. A poster that I made with a stock image is posted below.
You can buy a poster-size print of your creation or you can download the image for free then use a tool like Block Posters to print it.

Dive Into the Dangers of Fracking On This Site

Dangers of Fracking is a beautifully designed site that tells the story of the dangers of fracking. As you scroll down the page, you learn more about the fracking process. The story starts out with a definition of fracking before moving to explaining the raw materials that have to be trucked to the fracking site. After the raw materials arrive the story takes us underground to frack and the dangers associated with the process.

Applications for Education
Dangers of Fracking is obviously designed with an anti-fracking agenda (see the call for supporting the FRAC Act at the end). I can see the site being used as part of an environmental science lesson. I can also see the site being used as part of a lesson on recognizing bias in media.

Explore Historical Imagery of San Francisco and New York

For the next couple of days I will be working with teachers at Carondelet High School in Concord, California. We'll be making movies on our iPads tomorrow. This is my first time in the San Francisco area since I was a teenager. In addition to working with the teachers I'm hoping to see some of San Francisco before my flight home. Time Shutter is a website and iOS app that features geo-located historical imagery of San Francisco and New York City. Click on one of the placemarks on the maps to open an image. Then click on the image to read an article about the picture and location.

Applications for Education
At first Time Shutter reminded me of History Pin. The difference between Time Shutter and History Pin is that Time Shutter's imagery is not user-generated and it goes a bit deeper into explanations than you find on History Pin. The drawback to Time Shutter is that imagery is only available for San Francisco and New York. If your students are studying either of these cities in their history lessons, Time Shutter could be a good site to add to your list of resources.