Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mapping Dinosaurs

The Natural History Museum hosts a directory of names, facts, and figures for more than 300 dinosaurs. One of the ways that you can search through the database is by country. Select the "in your country" option to find the dinosaurs that may have roamed the land in what is now your country. The search results will display a grid of drawings the types of dinosaurs in your country. Click on the images to learn more the dinosaurs.

Applications for Education
When I browsed through the dinosaurs by country I got the idea to have students create Google Maps about the distribution of dinosaurs. To do this students will have to research where within each country the dinosaurs may have lived. Then on their Google Maps students can add placemarks in the proper locations. Each of their placemarks could include drawings of the dinosaurs as well as some written information about the dinosaurs.

WatchDoc - A Chrome Extension for Monitoring Google Docs Changes

Update 12/12/2013: It appears that this extension was removed from the Chrome store. I'm looking for an alternative option. 

I love Google Drive and use it to create every document that I plan to share with others. The only complaint that I have is that the only ways I can find out if my collaborators have editing the document is to either open and look at the document or turn on email notifications. I have enough email as it is so I'm not inclined to use email notifications. I'm now trying a new way to monitor changes to my shared Google Documents.

WatchDoc is a Chrome extension that displays a small pop-up notification in the corner of your browser whenever someone edits one the Google Documents that you have shared with him or her.

Applications for Education
WatchDoc could be a fantastic extension for students to use to quickly see when one of their peers has edited a group project. And for students who can't wait to find out if you have graded the assignments they shared with you, WatchDoc could be a good alert system too.

WeTransfer - Transfer Files Quickly & Easily

There are lots of ways to transfer files that are too big for many email services. Many of the alternatives to emailing files require that the sender and recipient have accounts on the same service. WeTransfer is a file transfer tool that doesn't require either the sender or the recipient to register for an account. To transfer files with WeTransfer just click the "+" icon to add a file, enter your email address, and enter the recipient's email address. The recipient will receive a link to download the file. See how it works in the Tekzilla video below.

Week in Review - Greetings from the Road

Good morning from Coralville, Iowa. I'm here after spending three days working at schools in Indiana and Iowa. Next week I'll be in Storm Lake, Iowa and Kettering, Ohio. Earlier this week, while I was stuck in the thirteen-miles-long line of traffic pictured to the left, I thought how fortunate I am to be able to visit and learn from so many teachers all over the country. Those opportunities have come from all of you who have followed my blog, shared my blog posts, and invited me into your schools. Thank you, I couldn't do it without you.

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