Wednesday, July 17, 2013

500+ Political Cartoons & 100+ Editorial Cartoon Lesson Plans

The Library of Congress hosts an online collection of more than 500 political cartoons and caricatures from U.S. History. You can search the collection by keyword and image type. Along with the images you will find links to related resources from the Library of Congress. You could use these public domain works to help students understand the political perspectives surrounding significant political events in U.S. History. A good model for political cartoon-based lesson plans can be found on Cartoons for the Classroom.

Cartoons for the Classroom is a service of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Cartoons in the Classroom offers more than one hundred lesson plans based on editorial cartoons created by the members of the AAEC. Each lesson plan is available as free pdf download. As you might expect, most of the lessons deal with current political and economic topics, but you will also find some lessons that are not time sensitive.

H/T to Tech & Learning Magazine for the LOC link. 

The Coloring Book of the Future Uses Augmented Reality

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo I've just learned about an exciting new augmented reality application available for Android and iOS. colAR Mix is an augmented reality application that turns your paper drawings into animated 3D objects on your iPad or Android tablet. Watch a demonstration of the application in the video below.

To do what is pictured in the video start by printing a coloring page from the colAR website and color the page. Then use the colAR Mix app on your iPad or Android tablet to make the drawing come to life.

The Android and iPad colAR Mix apps are free. Until the end of the month all of the coloring pages are free too.

Applications for Education
The colAR Mix concept reminds me a lot of the concept behind ZooBurst of bringing kids' stories to life.

Click here for five other uses of augmented reality in education.

Convert PDFs to Kindle Format

PDF4Kindle is a neat little free service that will convert PDFs into .mobi format for reading on Kindle devices. To use the service all that you need to do is upload a PDF and let PDF4Kindle do the rest. When the conversion is complete you can download the .mobi file. The converted file will let you resize text as you would with any other Kindle document.

Applications for Education
PDF4Kindle could be a helpful service for schools that are issuing Kindles to students. Rather than just distributing PDFs which may not have all of the functionality of .mobi files you can distribute functioning .mobi files to your students. Doing this could potentially expand the library of reading materials available to your students.

H/T to Life Hacker