Sunday, August 4, 2013

Smart Kit - School-Safe Games and Puzzles

Smart Kit offers a large collection of games, puzzles, and riddles for students of all ages. The content of the collection ranges from simple drilling-style games to challenging word puzzles. Smart Kit offers fifteen categories of games. The categories of most interest to educators are probably the math puzzles, physics games, and word puzzles categories.

Applications for Education
In addition to the online games, Smart Kit offers a selection of games and puzzles that can be printed for offline use. The printables collection could make Smart Kit a good resource for teachers whose students have limited access to the computers in their classrooms.

Combine These Strategies To Help Students Find Appropriate Reading Materials

On Google's advanced search page there is a tool for refining searches according to reading level. This tool on its own can be very helpful in helping students locate materials that are appropriate for their reading abilities. It can also be helpful to combine use of the reading level refinement tool with a domain level refinement. For example, if my students are studying the American Civil War they might search for materials hosted on a "" domain and refine that search according to reading level. See the screenshots below for examples.

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