Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eye on Idioms and the Road to Grammar

Eye on Idioms hosted by Read Write Think is a good site that students can use to practice identifying and using idioms. Eye on Idioms presents students with an incomplete sentence that they need to complete by selecting the proper idiom from a drop-down menu. To help student select the correct idiom, Eye on Idioms provides a picture hint. After selecting the correct idiom, Eye on Idioms asks students to answer a couple of short questions about the meaning of the idiom.

Road to Grammar is a free resource featuring quizzes, games, and lessons for English language learners. Visitors to Road to Grammar will find 365 grammar quizzes. Each quiz provides instant feedback and notes to explain why an answer is correct or incorrect. Before taking the quizzes visitors can work through a dozen practice activities and five practice games.

Good News for Google Apps Admins

If you're a Google Apps for Education domain administrator there are a couple of new features worth noting. First, you can now create email alerts for suspicious or unusual log-in activities. Click here for Google's announcement about this. Second, multiple sign-in is now supported for domain administrators. Click here for the announcement from Google.

Press More Buttons, Click More Icons

One of the great things about 1:1 programs is that students tend to take ownership of the devices issued to them. Part of the taking ownership process includes tapping or clicking a lot of icons and pressing a lot of buttons. When students are curious about what will happen when they click on “X,” they click on “X” and find out. Now contrast that pattern with the pattern displayed by some teachers when they get a new laptop or tablet...

I'm often asked how I have learned about educational technology. The answer is fairly simple, I just kept trying things to satisfy my curiosity and when I "broke" something I asked a student for help.  Want to learn more about educational technology? Click on icons and see what happens. 

Now You Can Add eduClipper to Edmodo

eduClipper, the social bookmarking service that I said teachers want Pinterest to be, can now be added to your Edmodo account and those of your students. The new eduClipper app for Edmodo lets you install eduClipper for all your students with the click of a button. Students can create content and share it with their peers and you.

One of the things that makes eduClipper an excellent social bookmarking tool for students and teachers is the number of controls that teachers have over their students' accounts. Teachers can specify who students can share with and specify who can read their students bookmarks. These excellent settings are still in place in the eduClipper for Edmodo app.

How to Add Attachments to Google Calendar Events

On Monday I suggested some widgets to add to your classroom blog for the new school year. One of those suggestions was to add a public Google Calendar. One of the nice things about Google Calendar is that you can add links and attachments to your calendar events. This can be a great way to distribute materials to students and their parents. In the video below I demonstrate a couple of ways that you can do this. (Click here if you cannot see the video).