Thursday, August 8, 2013

Help Students Start Stories With Word Mover

This afternoon during the technology smackdown at Teaching & Learning conference in Gaston, North Carolina Julian Scott Wilson reminded me about Read Write Think's Word Mover iPad app. I wrote about the app last year, but until today I didn't realize that it can also be used in your web browser.

Word Mover is designed to help students develop poems and short stories. When students open Word Mover they are shown a selection of words that they can drag onto a canvas to construct a poem or story. Word Mover provides students with eight canvas backgrounds on which they can construct their poems.

Applications for Education
Word Mover could be a great tool for students to use to as a story or poem starter. Word Mover reminds me a bit of those refrigerator magnets that were popular for a while. You know, the ones that had individual words on them that you dragged around to create funny sentences. The same idea can be applied to Word Mover. 

Best of the Web for #TLC13

This morning at the Teaching & Learning Conference held on the campus of Gaston College I presented the best of the web 2013. The slides are embedded below.

Remind 101 Offers New Support Documentation

Disclosure: Remind 101 is an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers.

Remind 101, the popular free service for sending text messages to groups of students and or parents, has released new support documentation for students. The new documentation is available in Spanish and French. The documentation explains to students and parents how to opt-in to receive messages from you via Remind 101.

Remind 101 also has a new 60 second video overview of their services.

Applications for Education
Most of us can't help but look right away when we receive text messages. Compare this to email messages that we can easily ignore and you'll know why sending text message reminders is more effective than sending email reminders.

Try the New Fakebook for Creating Fake Facebook Pages

Russel Tarr has just released a new version of Fakebook. Fakebook is Russel's tool for creating fake Facebook profiles. The latest version of Fakebook makes it easy to create a page by just clicking on a field and entering as much information as you like. In the profile picture field you can enter a name and Fakebook will search for images to use. For example, if you create a Fakebook page about George Washington Fakebook will search for pictures of George Washington.

Applications for Education
Creating a fake Facebook profile could be a fun way for students to organize information that they know and or find about a famous person. You could also have students create profiles for characters in a novel that they are reading for your literature course. Take a look at the Fakebook profile gallery for more ideas about using Fakebook in your classroom.