Friday, September 6, 2013

Updated 90 Page Guide to Using Blogger In School

Last week I updated my free guide to using Blogger in school to include directions for using the Blogger iPad app. This afternoon I updated it again. The latest update includes directions for using the Blogger Android app. You can download the complete guide here or download just the Android section here.

A Task Timer to Use Offline or Online

Task Timer is a free Chrome app that you can use to time multiple tasks or events at the same time. The app works online and or offline in the Chrome web browser. After installing the app you can create a set of tasks that you want to time. You can run multiple timers at once or run them individually. The timer functions on a countdown basis. A chime sounds when time has expired on each timer.

Applications for Education
Task Timer could be a handy tool to use when you have students working a variety of tasks and you want to track how much time is spent on each one.

DEN Fall VirtCon - A Good, Online PD Event

Last October I had the privilege of giving one of the keynotes for Discovery's DEN Fall VirtCon. This year, my friend Kelly Wade Hines is giving a keynote and you will not want to miss it. The DEN Fall VirtCon is a blended online and physical conference. You can participate virtually as I did last year or attend one of the physical events organized in locations all over North America.

The theme of this year's DEN Fall VirtCon is "Tech or Treat." The event will feature presentations packed with tips, tricks, and treats for incorporating technology into your lessons.

Click here to register and learn more about the DEN Fall VirtCon.

Into the Outdoors - Videos and Lesson Plans About Nature

Into the Outdoors is a new site featuring videos and lesson plans about a wide variety of topics related to nature. The site is divided into six main topic areas; life science, farm science, social science, physical science, environmental science, and natural resources science. Each primary topic area includes a handful of sub-topics. Click on any sub-topic to find videos, lesson plans, and links to additional resources. Below I've embedded two videos from the Life Science section.

Applications for Education
In the email that I received from Into the Outdoors they mentioned that one of their purposes is to spark students' interest in learning about nature and getting outside to learn. In looking at a few of the lessons, I can see how you could modify them to use on local walking field trips.