Thursday, September 12, 2013

SchoolsWorld - A Good Source of Educational Videos is one of the sites that I recently added to my list of alternatives to YouTube. is a site that offers hundreds of educational videos for students. The videos are a mix of instructional videos, mini-documentaries, and demonstration videos. You can search for videos according to subject area. Each video is accompanied by a short overview of its key points and a list of key terms. Embed codes are not available for videos so your students will have to view the videos directly on the site.

In addition to the videos teachers will find PDFs, slides, and games that they can use with their students. Those materials are not available for every video in the library.

By Popular Request - October Webinar - How To Use Google Drive in School

I have had many people ask if I would offer another section of my webinar series How To Use Google Drive In School. I have scheduled another offering of the series in October. The series will meet on October 8, 15, and 22nd at 7pm Eastern.

How To Use Google Drive In School is a three hour interactive course for educators who want to learn how to use Google Drive (Google Docs, Presentations, Forms, Spreadsheets). This course covers everything from the basics of document creation to using scripts to automate workflow in Google Drive.

Registration is limited to 25 people per course. For only $87 all participants receive digital how-to guides, access to three hours of live webinar training, access to all webinar recordings, and access to a dedicated course discussion forum.

The cost of the three part course is $87. While the webinar series is not free it is significantly less than cost of flying me to your school for the day or the cost of attending one of the Google Apps Summits. Click here to register. The next section is scheduled to meet on October 8, 15, 22 at 7pm Eastern. Registration is limited to 25 seats per section. Click here to register today!

Course Highlights
*Creating and sharing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
*Using Google Documents and Presentations for collaborative writing and reading exercises.
*Using Google Forms and Spreadsheets for collecting and analyzing data.
*Using Google Documents as a publishing platform.
*Managing the flow of files in your Google Drive.
Registration is limited to 25 students per course.

This course is designed for educators who:
*Are new to using Google Drive/ Documents.
*Have previously used Google Drive/ Documents but would like a refresher course.
*Would like to learn how Google Drive/ Documents can be used to help their students meet ELA Common Core Standards.

Click here to register today!

About the cost and my decision to advertise it on my blog:
Every time that I advertise one of these webinars I get messages from people who are upset that I am advertising it here and or that I am charging for it. I understand why some people feel that way. The purpose of this blog and my goal for years has always been to help people use free technology in their classrooms. Google Drive is free for anyone to use. However, my time for teaching isn't free. Likewise, I pay licensing fees to GoToTraining and to Wistia for hosting all of the media content of the courses. 

Be Darwin for a Day With New Google Street View Imagery

The latest update to Google Maps Street View imagery features the Galapagos Islands. The imagery can take you underwater to view fish and sea turtles, to beaches to see sea lions sunbathing, and along mangrove-lined shorelines. The imagery also lets you see inside the research facilities on the Galapagos Islands. You can explore all of the imagery on the Google Maps Views website.

Applications for Education
Consider combining your students' exploration of the Galapagos Islands Street View imagery with Darwin, A Naturalist's Voyage. Darwin, A Naturalist's Voyage is an outstanding virtual tour of Charles Darwin's nearly five year journey on the Beagle. Darwin, A Naturalist's Voyage has fourteen segments chronicling Darwin's voyage from start to finish. Throughout the tour viewers will see sketches from the journey, hear readings from Darwin's journals, and learn about the journey as a whole. The virtual tour is not limited to just Darwin's work as a naturalist. Darwin, A Naturalist's Voyage explores social issues of the time such as slavery.

Teach Your Monster to Read 2 - A Fun Way for Students to Learn to Read

Teach Your Monster To Read 2 is the sequel to the popular Teach Your Monster To Read website. The Teach Your Monster to Read games are designed to help students improve the speed and accuracy with which they recognize letters, sounds, and word. The games have eight levels (or islands as they're called in the game) each containing four activities. Students play the game as a friendly monster avatar. On each island students can earn prizes for their monsters and customize the look of their monsters.

Teach Your Monster to Read 2: Fun with Words - Trailer from Teach Your Monster to Read on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Creating Teach Your Monster to Read accounts for all of your students is a simple process. Just register yourself as a teacher then enter your students' names (first names only) or upload a CSV file of your students' names. Teach Your Monster to Read will automatically generate a password for each student. As the teacher you can log-in anytime to see your students' progress.