Thursday, January 9, 2014

English Monstruo - Apps & Games for Learning Verb Conjugation

English Monstruo is a free app (iPad and Android versions available) containing eight games designed to help students learn verb conjugation. English Monstruo was developed by researchers at Cambridge University who examined the results of 200,000 exams to determine the words that give Spanish speakers the most difficulty when taking an English exam.

The games in the English Monstruo app contain activities ranging from fill-in-the-blank to sorting words to replacing incorrect words with correct words. Each game has a series of levels to work through to earn points and unlock increasingly more difficult levels. To access all eight games a player needs to first earn the maximum points in the first six games in the app.

Applications for Education
I found myself sucked into a couple of the games in English Monstruo and I think that students will get sucked into them too. The games provide a fun way to practice recognizing correct spellings and verb conjugations. The games are designed for intermediate level ELL students.

Click here for the Android version. Click here for the iPad version.

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